First we had each other.

Then we had you.

Now we have everything.


This adorable little lady is Vera!  What a little trooper she was during our session.  And can we just talk about that hair for a minute!  WOW!  Her hair is amazing and sooo soft.

I am so thankful I got to snuggle her and feel of her sweet spirit.  There is just something that calms my spirit when I get to snuggle these little people. 😉

Thank you so much for trusting me with your most prized possession.   I loved every minute of our time together.

-Jolie West Photography

Yesterday was cute little Carly’s turn to be in front of my camera.  She wasn’t sure she wanted to sleep but with some work and a lot of patients we were able to get some amazing images that I am proud to stand behind.   It makes my heart so  happy every time I get to snuggle one of these little ones.  Don’t they just have the sweetest little spirits?  I feel so honored to have been able to work with some many babies and continue to create art and express how I feel.  It isn’t every day that you get to do something you love but I can  honestly say I love what I do and am so excited to be able to create each day.  Photography is my rainbow in this world.  😉  

-Jolie West Photography

Meet Sarah!  My sweet little niece.  We joked during the session that if she knew she was going to have a crazy aunt she might have rethought picking her family. haha  But I think she is just perfect and I hope that later on when she grows up she can look at these images and remember just how little she was and that these images will be treasured.  I can’t think of anything more fulfilling as a photographer as not only telling a story with my images but to know that these images will be treasured by the families and passed down for generations.  It just makes my heart all kinds of warm inside.

If you are on Facebook then you may remember I posted a peek of a prop I was working on.  My husband helped me make the sweetest Kissing Booth!  The fun part about this prop is I can use it for all kinds of shots just by changing out my props on it.  It will fit all my little clients up to a year and I am just thrilled to have it added to my ever growing prop stash.  Don’t believe me that I have tons of props.  Book with me and come find out for yourself all the fun I have stashed here. haha  You won’t regret it. 😉

-Jolie West Photography

So my family woke up early today to watch the Lunar Eclipse.  For one it was super early and I thought about turning my alarm off when it went off.  But I didn’t.  I got out a bed and found the best place in our home to watch so we could stay warm. 😉  I mean it is way warmer in Idaho right now but still not super warm at 4:30 am.  That’s right I said 4:30 am.  So if I look like a zombie today.  You now know why. 😉  Anyways we started watching and the  clouds were kind of over the moon but we could still see it.  As the Eclipse got closer we noticed all of the clouds disappeared and there was not a cloud in sight.  I decided to pull out my camera and just see what I could get.  Keep in mind I have never shot at night before so this was kind of a stretch for me.  haha  But it was so fun to give it a go.  Never be scared to try something new.  Now if you don’t here from me for a bit I am taking a nap. haha  Hope everyone has a great day.

-Jolie West Photography