Check out who I got to play with today!  I have had the honor of photographing Evaleen all the way from birth.  I must have blinked because I was sure we just did her newborn session yesterday. 😉  She sure does love her mommy and I love watching the bond those two share.  Check out her eyes!  Do they come any deeper blue?  <3

Oh my goodness!!!!  I  haven’t shared in a long time on here.  Life has been a little crazy but I am still loving all of these newborns that I get to snuggle.  I wanted to share a little peek from my session yesterday.  This little guy did so great and we have so many great shots for his family to pick from.  During the session I found out that dad likes motorcycles.  So I couldn’t let the session go past without working in something for dad. 😉  They say, “Teach them young.”  I just want to say how thankful I am to all of my clients for coming and spending time with me to help preserve moments in their child’s life that they will be able to cherish forever.  We all know if we blink time just moves on without us.  Photography to me is a way to transport back to those exact moments in time and somehow relive them.  So in a way Photography is like time travel. 😉  Hope everyone has an amazing week!

  Sometimes you have to scale back a little to grow.  If you know me well, you know that I am dedicated to my business.  I take it serious and I take it to heart.  This month has been rough, well, this year really.  I have had internal struggles with directions, with time management and finding a balance.   I found a rather large bit of my time spent in travel and that took more time away from my family and my editing each week.

   I thought on this long and hard, talking it over with my husband and other newborn photographers from the area and finally came to the conclusion that I will be leaving my studio in Idaho Falls and working out of my home based studio in Blackfoot.  I have this amazing space that will be perfect and it is just currently sitting there, doing nothing anyways.  I understand how this may be a burden to some, but it is only a short distance and this will allow me to give you better service, faster turnarounds and still allow me to be a great mom to my 3 children.  In the new year, I will be setting myself a session limit as well as setting strict business hours.  I want to be the best and while I am always growing as a photographer, There is so much more to the finishing end that I need to improve on for my clients and I feel that you deserve that.

Please know this is just a new chapter in our story together.  I am still the same prop addict that you have all grown to know and I’ll still give you 110% of my heart and soul.  Nothing brings me more joy then being able to tell your story’s through my art.  We will always look back on these moments together and remember the time we shared.  I am in the process of moving things over to the new space and have  been working on the details to make coming here just that much more memorable.  Thank you again for all your trust, love and support.  I can’t wait to show off the new space. 😉

Jolie West Photography


I can’t believe I had the opportunity to have triplets in my studio.

Meet Journi, Chezny and Tatym as well as their cute family.

Mom and dad went from 2 kids to 5 as soon as the girls made their grand arrival.

I am pretty sure their parents have super powers to keep up with them because I went home from this session and pretty much just passed out. haha

There is defiantly a learning curve when you work with three newborns at once.

Huge shout out to  Robyn from So Tweet Designs for bring lots of adorable outfits for them to wear and to Jen Dixon From Jen Dixon Photography for coming and helping me my extra set of hands.

Without you ladies I could not have made this all happen.

We for sure got plenty of snuggle time with these sweet little ladies.  I sure do love my little newborn clients. 😉